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The almighty Kalinda (requested by anon)

Love the faint smile of Diane at the end of the last gif, like she knows somehow Kalinda would let the magic happen and just for one second, she’d rely on someone else. It’s not vulnerability, it’s trust.

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“Whenever you’re tempted to bring up Will’s death and credit my behavior to it— resist.”
— Diane “Sassy Badass Boss Lady Who Takes None of David Lee’s Shit” Lockhart (via ohwillgardner)

I feel like I’ve run out of ways to describe Julianna Margulies’ performance as Alicia—I’ve used “scintillating” and “transformative” already, haven’t I?—but “The Material World” is another brilliant showcase of it.

-Sonia Saraiya for The AV Club

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Don’t worry I’m not going to divorce you, you’re too valuable to me professionally just like I am to you

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"Don’t you ever ever again try to tell me that you don’t love me."

— Diane Chambers, Cheers, Everyone Imitates Art

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Mrs. Florrick, please. Don’t make yourself collateral damage here, for your own sake.

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